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Pattern Recognition


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This workshop will focus on forensic applications in legal systems. While forensics issues are of global concern, the 2009 study Strengthening forensic science in the United States: A path forward by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences highlighted the lack of scientific rigor and the need to establish an underlining forensics science. One area of particular concern was forensic pattern analysis. In response to this report, the National Institute of Standards and Technology established the Forensics Science Standards Board (FSSB) and the Organization of Science Area Committees (OSAC). The purpose of the FSSB and OSAC is to develop scientifically based standards and best-practices for forensics. This mandate covers tools, such as pattern analysis algorithms, to assist or perform forensic analysis. Theses standards and best practices will be designed to guide the U.S. legal system. Because these products will be based on science, they should be able to assist non-U.S. legal systems. In fact, forensic examiners from around the world participate in developing standards and best practices developed by subcommittees of the OSAC. Researchers in the computer vision and pattern recognition community are members of the FSSB and OSAC committees and subcommittees, including one of the organizers of this workshop.